About Us


CHK One is an electronic record label based in Bristol. We record and film artists making music, sign artists and record albums. In short, we document and inspire musicians all over the world.

CHK One started with the birth of live electronic open mic sessions, which launched in May 2016. The night quickly became one of the most popular events in Bristol and firmly established its place as the leading platform to see the latest in cutting edge electronic music. Now established as a brand and a record label, 2017 sees the launch of the label’s first album under our first signed artist: Claire Northey.

We are renowned for showcasing live electronic performances featuring equipment from Ableton, Maschine, Novation, Propellerhead and Akai.

Artists who have performed for CHK One include Claire Northey, OSMO, Panther Panther, Kawika Sound, Ile Flottante, Bassdrummer, E^JWT, Percy Filth, Tetrahex and Auxx.

To get in touch, or just say hi, email [email protected]